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School Starts On The 1st Of September....This is one project we would like to finish.

The area just outside the Kitchen/Dining Room is a popular place to gather and even eat lunch when the weather is nice. The problem is that it is a constant source of fine black sand that is tracked inside. For more than a year we have been talking about making some changes that will make it cleaner and more attractive. At the end of the vacation classes we decided it was time.

After 14 days of constant work we are almost finished when the students return on the 1st but certainly by Wednesday or Thursday.

We needed to build a couple retaining walls, one to keep the sand from moving on down the hill when it rains and another to keep it from entering the new patio area. For this we needed a load of large rocks. I arrived one morning with a truck load of rocks, direct from a quarry near Ambato, only to find that the irrigation water distribution point had overflowed during the night cutting a two foot deep trench in the road, exactly where the left wheels of the truck would need a very sol…

I Never Tire Of These Vistas....I hope you don't either.

I have never seen a day like today. The skies were almost cloudless for the entire day. I arrived early at the school and walked to the top of the hill above the school. The following pictures of Tungurahua is what I saw.

And....Through the trees in front of the dinning room was Chimborazo.

Two Weeks Left....And the vacation classes will be history for 2008.

This year we offered Biology, Math, and English to whoever wanted to spend half of their winter vacation in the classroom instead of hanging around their homes where they most likely will be asked to help in the fields. This year we have more than 20 students who are taking all three of the subjects. Classes start at 9:30 in the morning and end at 2:30. We also provide them with a snack in the morning and a hot lunch at noon.

Almost everyday, new kids appear with their moms, sisters or other family members wanting to enroll. It is really sad to have to tell them that it is not possible to take them because we are well into the different subjects and there are only a couple of weeks left.
We have three volunteer teachers for the vacation classes. Elizabeth from Ohio, Erika, from Florida and myself, as I am substituting for Ed who had to leave because of illness.
Elizabeth, returned for her second year here at Katitawa and is teaching all three subjects.
Erika, who is here for three m…