Friday, June 20, 2008

The Day After

Yesterday dawned almost cloudless. Today it rained until almost noon. How lucky can you get.

Because of the heavy rains not many students showed up for school. We hung out in the kitchen huddled around the fireplace to dry off and get warm.
Since this was the last day of both Lisa, our volunteer from Ireland and Ryan from the United States we decided to kill one of the three roosters before they killed each other and have a farewell lunch.
Lisa, who is on her way to other parts of South America had to leave before lunch, but not before the kids presented her with their hand-made cards.
Looking on are two of our newest volunteers, Sara from Switzerland and Isabel from the UK.

Lisa, you were a big help in preparing the kids for the presentation and you do a great rendition of "I am the music man." Thank you....I will miss you.
Ryan a long term volunteer returned yesterday for the program to the delight of all of the students and teachers. He is super popular and during his stay here he became a good friend to everyone. A few weeks ago he left, without fanfare, to visit other parts of Ecuador before he became an illegal alien. So today we gave him the usual farewell, that tears a little at the hearts of everyone. As the song goes "Cuando un amigo se va, queda un espacio vasio." (When a friend leaves, they leave an empty space.)

Ryan, goodbye, happy trails and we will see you next January 2009.

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