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Volunteers Needed For Vacation Classes

Vacation classes start on July 14. We will be offering classes in English, Math and Physics. We want to keep the classes small so could use at least two teachers for each subject.

We charge our volunteers nothing. In addition to that small amount we provide a place to live. You can take a look at the Volunteers compound by clicking here.

If you are interested contact us at

Think it just might be the best experience of your life.

Just Up-dated The Open House Post.

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The Day After

Yesterday dawned almost cloudless. Today it rained until almost noon. How lucky can you get.

Because of the heavy rains not many students showed up for school. We hung out in the kitchen huddled around the fireplace to dry off and get warm.
Since this was the last day of both Lisa, our volunteer from Ireland and Ryan from the United States we decided to kill one of the three roosters before they killed each other and have a farewell lunch. Lisa, who is on her way to other parts of South America had to leave before lunch, but not before the kids presented her with their hand-made cards. Looking on are two of our newest volunteers, Sara from Switzerland and Isabel from the UK.

Lisa, you were a big help in preparing the kids for the presentation and you do a great rendition of "I am the music man." Thank you....I will miss you.
Ryan a long term volunteer returned yesterday for the program to the delight of all of the students and teachers. He is super popular and during his stay…

The Big Day Has Arrived.

We arrived early today and found the school the same as we left the afternoon before. The rocks for the fire pit were where they had been piled late yesterday. The lamb had been butchered however.

It is one of those rare days when there was hardly a cloud in the sky....Everything was going to be just fine.

We had a few hours before the guests would be arriving so we got to work. I had four volunteers ready to help so we all went off in different directions. We wired the "Command Center" for electricity, cleaned the rooms and sports field and were moving the rocks to the area where the fire pit was being dug, as the first guests started to arrive. The families and friends have arrived and while the oven was being readied, snacks were served and everybody was happy.

The pit was lined with rocks and a fire was built using wood from the Capolin tree which burns very hot. When the fire burns down the coals are removed and potatoes and habas (a kind of Lima bean) in there shells are …

Getting Ready For Open House.

The plan is to have the presentation on the sports field. The only IF, and it is a big one, is what will the weather be like. Today is beautiful and warm....But what about tomorrow.

The command center for the presentation is finished.... The fatted lamb is here. We had a very rough rehearsal in one of the classrooms today....Nothing short of chaos.

There are still a thousand things to do. I have my fingers crossed.

Looking For Rocks For The Fire Pit On The Side Of Tungurahua.


A New Video From Justin....Take a look.

Saturday....What A Beautiful Day.

There is something about a day full of physical activity that leaves you both exhilarated and pleasantly exhausted. While Lorenzo was turning the destroyed water tank into a small store, I decided it was time to fill in the crater of the would-be swimming pool that was started by the students in February. See story here.
I don't know of another school in the world where the students would be allowed to pursue their fantasies in such a manner. It reminded me when I was about that age when my friends and I decided to dig a cave in our backyard.

This will probably be the site of our barbaque pit where we will prepare the meal for our "Open Huse" guests on the 19th. Hope to see some of you here.

Work Begins On The Water Tank Make-Over.

Friday we started converting the destroyed water tank into a small "Tienda".
Five year old Jwamari, the boy that suggested we make a "tienda" looks on. He is very proud....But wait till he sees the sign.

At midday Saturday we were here.
A counter top, a little paint, a sign and it is finished.

Our Volunteers....Past And Present.

Beginning in June we will offer Spanish lessons for the volunteers. The classes will be held in the English classroom in Central Salasaca.

Many of the volunteers feel the need to learn or improve there language skills and take the time to attend language schools either in BaƱos or Quito. The cost is pretty standard in both cities....Five dollars per hour.

Our intention is to offer the classes in the afternoon and evening at a much reduced price or depending on the instructors, maybe even free.

Thanks For The Donations.

Thanks to those who have donated to our cause, we now have a new piece of equipment that will be used in our "Open House" presentation on the 19th.

We had to cancel the dance lessons last week because we had no CD player. From now on we will not have to depend on borrowed equipment each time we need music. Above Ed is testing the system by reading a story to two Isabel, Jwamari and Maria, one of our teachers.

It works great. Thank you again.

Today....Another Great View Of Chimborazo.


Amy, Ben, Amd Ryan Had To Leave.....Welcome Lisa And Ed.

Ed comes to us from the USA. He will be here for at least six months. When Ed turns around I will give you a look at his face. Maybe next time. Check out his blog, aptly named "Ed's Trip".How he got here from Arkansas, is an interesting story. After traveling around Ecuador for a few weeks Lisa came go give us a hand. Lisa is from Ireland and is the fourth person from that country to volunteer here at Katitawa.
Welcome to your both, we are glad that you are here.

Only 11 More Days Until Open House

I wish there were more. If the weather is nice we will have the program outside. If there are any readers out in Never-Never land that will be in Ecuador the 19th....Come on over. Leave a comment is you need directions.

Time For Follow-Up Hepatitis Shots

The last time these the nurse from the health department showed up, there was a lot of screaming and crying that could be heard for miles. Today only one little guy had to coaxed by his friends to get in line.

Jefferson And His Harp.

All you need is a cardboard box, some twine and a broom handle....And a little paint to make it beautiful.
You can even tune it.

Celine....She Came, She Went....She Will Return.

Thanks Celine for stopping by. Your help in the English classes was great and your moves on the soccer field will not soon be forgotten.