Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mini Disaster

As we were leaving school today, just a few minutes ahead of the rest of the kids, we heard a yell from the school....something to do with the water tank. It immediately reminded me that I had to shut off the irrigation water pump and headed for the pump house while Ryan went back to the school.

After shutting off the pump, I went back up the hill to see what was going on. This is what I found.
The scene did not surprise me because I had on my list of things to do....Reinforce the wall of the water tank.

I had noticed a small crack in the side wall about 1.5 meters up from the bottom. Because of this crack I never filled this tank up beyond that point, but today I lost track of time. It was a very sunny day and because we use solar power for the pump it was running at full speed.

The plumbing was torn out of the fresh water tank and tomorrow we will make new connections and run the irrigation water directly to the garden. I am not sure if we will just build a new wall or make a new tank. It appears the old one was not too well built as I see no rebar in its construction.

I am thankful that none of the kids were playing on the field when it happened.

Update No. 1: For the last two days we have been replacing the broken pipes and breaking up the concret base support wall that was built last year. We have a couple days left of this.
Three of our volunteers are on the job. Ryan and Ben are supervising Beatrice on the manly uses of the sledge hammer.
Now that is more like it.

Update No. 2:Monday, May 12th. Two days more and we should be able to carry away the cement base of the wall. A bigger sledge would help.
The hard part is done,the new pipes are in and on Monday we will decide what to do with the three walls of the old tank. Juamari, a future businessman announced that this would make a good "tienda". I think he is right. On this field we have various sports events and sometimes we have parents and friends who come to watch. Juamari would like to sell water and sodas and "chochos".

Since we are going to build the new tank at a different location, instead of knocking this structure down we may just have a "bodega" or Juamari's Tienda.