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There Is Something About A Rainy Day.

It rained most of the day, and it was beautiful.

It Will Never Take The Place Of Soccer.

A new game was introduced yesterday. I think we will call it Basket Ball.

Open House Scheduled For June 19

The annual Open House is scheduled for the 19th of June. This will be the final event before graduation. This is our chance to show off what the kids have learned this past year.

Last year it was a huge success and this year we hope to do a little better. There will be folkloric dances, a presentation in English, stilt races and juggling competition. And....Lamb, roasted in an underground oven. Click Here to see last years program

Spanish Lessons For Volunteers

Beginning in June we will offer Spanish lessons for the volunteers. The classes will be held in the English classroom in Central Salasaca.

Many of the volunteers feel the need to learn or improve there language skills and take the time to attend language schools either in BaƱos or Quito. The cost is pretty standard in both cities....Five dollars per hour.

Our intention is to offer the classes in the afternoon and evening at a much reduced price or depending on the instructors, maybe even free.

Spanish Lessons For Volunteers

For details go to Sumak Kawsay Yachay

Vacation Classes Will Begin July 14th.

It is hard to believe that we only have six weeks left in this school year. Time really flies.

We will be offering vacation classes in English, Physics and Math during the vacation period. Classes will start on July 14th and conclude on the 15th of August. The classes will be offered to all of the children in Salasaca who want to want to attend. Last year we offered English and had 35 students attend.

Here in Salasaca families rarely if ever take vacations. Therefore the children would rather go to school then stay home and work in the fields. The parents are very eager for their kids to lean so it is a win win situation.

Welcome Amy And Ben from the UK.

Amy and Ben arrived just in time....Amy took over the English and math classes from Anna ....and Ben, in time to relieve Beatrice of the 6 lb. short handled sledge.

She Came For A Couple Of Weeks And Stayed For Almost Two Months.

Anna from Australia, left on Saturday and on Friday received the usual Katitawa send off. When a volunteer leaves a few things never Change. A special meal, which includes something that the kids bring from home. Popcorn is one of their favorites.
A speech by Luis, which today cracked everyone up.

The usual cards and gifts. A goodbye picture with your friends. And today, a last game of Katitawa baseball which Anna taught them. The rules are very different, but the kids love it.

Goodbye Anna we love you and remember you promised to come back....Someday.

A Glimpse Of Chimborazo

On the way home from school we got a glimpse of Chimborazo

Mini Disaster

As we were leaving school today, just a few minutes ahead of the rest of the kids, we heard a yell from the school....something to do with the water tank. It immediately reminded me that I had to shut off the irrigation water pump and headed for the pump house while Ryan went back to the school.

After shutting off the pump, I went back up the hill to see what was going on. This is what I found. The scene did not surprise me because I had on my list of things to do....Reinforce the wall of the water tank.

I had noticed a small crack in the side wall about 1.5 meters up from the bottom. Because of this crack I never filled this tank up beyond that point, but today I lost track of time. It was a very sunny day and because we use solar power for the pump it was running at full speed.

The plumbing was torn out of the fresh water tank and tomorrow we will make new connections and run the irrigation water directly to the garden. I am not sure if we will just build a new wall or make a new tank.…

Making Mobiles As A Teaching Aid

It was a fun day as the English class presented their family history, along with their likes and dislikes in the form of a mobile. Some were funny and one that surrpised me was that nearly all of them disliked washing cars. Since none of their families have a car, I wonder where they got that idea. After the presentation all of the mobiles were hung from the ceiling

We Serve Lunch Every Day.

The lunch is simple. One day rice with?. The next day soup.

Just Can't Stay Away

Just three weeks ago Wendy and Adam left, and yesterday everyone was thrilled to see them come walking into Katitawa. One thing that you have to understand....You just don't happen by on your way to somewher else. You make an effort to get here.

Now they are really off to Peru and then on to the UK which is their home. We hope to see you both next year and please stay in touch.