Sunday, April 27, 2008

In A Couple Of Months We Should Have Eggs.

After a sad beginning we now have six healthy, happy and contented young chicks....We all hope. They have almost doubled in size in the past three weeks and we hope to soon add eggs to the lunch menu.

The idea is to keep the coop in the same location for six weeks or so and then move it to the next row in the garden. The chickens will fertilize the soil, clean out any unwanted seeds and bugs and condition the soil for the next planting.
Because of the bad luck we had with the first batch of chicks, the first stop each morning as we arrive at school is to open the door and count the chickens as they leave the coop. One, two, three, four, five six...So far so good.

Are they getting bigger or is it just my imagination? They love broccoli by the way.
Photo taken on May Day.
Three weeks later. May 21.