Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Project Stilts

A week or 10 days ago I advised the most advanced English class that we were, as a class design, and build a pair of stilts for each person in the class. The catch was that they had to make the plans, list of materials and a list of all of the tools needed for the project in English with a translation in Spanish. This took a few days to learn the names of the different tools and materials needed.

On Monday, when the plans and lists were ready, we walked to the lumber yard in the center of town and made the purchases. When we returned to the school we stored the materials in the maintenance building with the promise that on Tuesday we would start construction.
On Tuesday we cut the pieces and the excitement mounted.
Today we put them all together and everyone was so excited that when the first pair was ready they all went out to try them out. After many attempts a couple of the older kids were able to take a couple of steps. When they saw that it was indeed possible to walk on them they all ran back to finish the other pairs.
All the classes for the older kids were cancelled as they could not be separated from their stilts. By the end of the day they had all managed to master the art. Well not exactly mastered it but they are learning quickly.


  1. You are having too much fun down there Roberto. Did you build a pair for yourself?

  2. Great little project Roberto, I still have dreams of coming down to see your school.
    tu amigo

  3. I love what you do, I may come and visit. I live in Puerto Rico, make websites and many things. Elena ( rainforest in Puerto Rico)

    I have lived in India and volunteered teaching English to Marathi children.

  4. Mastering stilts leads to adding stilts into a parade - raising up some of the characters to unbelievable heights!~ The kids would have so much more fun and so much more learning!