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Second Week Of Dance Lessons.

Fabiola, who is a member of a local folkloric dance group here in Salasaca started the dance classes two weeks ago at Katitawa. From time to time the school is asked to be part of local fairs and celebrations so we decided to be a little more prepared.It was a warm sunny day on Friday....the classes finished up in the school dining room.

Project Stilts

A week or 10 days ago I advised the most advanced English class that we were, as a class design, and build a pair of stilts for each person in the class. The catch was that they had to make the plans, list of materials and a list of all of the tools needed for the project in English with a translation in Spanish. This took a few days to learn the names of the different tools and materials needed.

On Monday, when the plans and lists were ready, we walked to the lumber yard in the center of town and made the purchases. When we returned to the school we stored the materials in the maintenance building with the promise that on Tuesday we would start construction.
On Tuesday we cut the pieces and the excitement mounted.
Today we put them all together and everyone was so excited that when the first pair was ready they all went out to try them out. After many attempts a couple of the older kids were able to take a couple of steps. When they saw that it was indeed possible to walk on them t…

Katitawa Makes Headlines In El Comercio.....Jan. 1. 2008

A few weeks ago a reporter from the El Comercio stopped by the school. He was interested in the the method used here to teach the kids. He wrote a nice article which you can read here.