SKY runs a number of projects and activities in the community of Salasaka:



SKY runs a number of projects and activities in the Salasaka community:
  • Afternoon school for children of the community (Escuela Katitawa)
  • English private lessons for children and adults (Robert Jeffords School)
To read more about these projects, see the Projects section.

SKY dirige una variedad de proyectos y actividades en la comunidad de Salasaka:
  • Escuela de tarde para niños de la comunidad (Escuela Katitawa)
  • Clases privadas de inglés para niños y adultos (Robert Jeffords School)
Para obtener más información sobre estos proyectos, consulte la sección Proyectos.

1) Robert Jeffords School: Volunteers teach English to children and adults. Classes are divided by age and level/niveau and taught every day (Monday through Friday) from 2pm until 7pm. In addition, we provide private lessons in English and help with English homework.

2) Public Schools of Salasaka: Volunteers help with English classes at public schools in Salasaka and its surroundings (mainly mornings, only if we have enough volunteers).

3) Escuela Katitawa: Volunteers support and help children with their homework in the afternoon (different school subjects). UNFORTUNATELY, THIS PROJECT IS NOT RUNNING AT THE MOMENT, BUT WILL RESUME JANUARY 2018.

4) Volunteer house: As we have just moved into a new volunteer house, we are still missing a lot of things. Therefore we are in need of volunteers with craft, building and gardening skills.