Salasaka and Kichwa Culture

Experience the culture of the indigenous communities of Salasaka and Patate!

We would like to invite you to join us on a cultural tour to a part of Ecuador that is overlooked by most tourists to Baños. Salasaka and Patate.

Salasaka is a small indigenous community located in the Andean Highlands, between Baños and Ambato. Patate is a small city located in the fertile Patate Valley.

Kichwa (Quechua) Language

Kichwa (or Quechua) is the mother tongue of many of the indigenous people livingin Ecuador. Almost everyone in Salasaka are bilingual Spanish and Quechua speakers, so it's certainly useful to learn a few phrases!

Imanalla - ¿Que tal? - How are you?
Allilla, kanga - Bien ¿Y tu? - Good, and you?
Yupaychan / diosoplay- ¡Gracias! - Thank you
Ashangama - Hasta luego - See you later
Jacu - Vamos - Let's go 
Shami shami - ¡Venga, venga! - Come, come!
Mai moringi - ¿Donde vas? - Where are you going?
Achachay! - ¡Que frío! - Cold (Brrrr!)

The Katitawa motto is Sumak, Kawsay, Yachay.
A Kichwa phrase meaing Beautifu, Life;, Education. The logo is SKY and whilst the acronym doesn't mean much in Spanish or Kichwa, it works well in English.


Salasakan have a very colourful past and the history is portrayed in a unique museul in the center of town. The work in this museul took many years and opened its doorsto the public in 2013. It is housed in the tallest building in Salasaka and is open every day fro, 9:00 to 17:00.

You are welcome to visit this unique museum on your own, however to enhance your experience we have put together  this Cultural Tour with the museum as its centrepiece.

08:30 - Orientation breakfast at the Posada del Abuelo.

09:15 - Depart for Salasaka. This 45 minute trip will take us through Pelileo and on up to the home of the Indigenous people called the Salasakans. The elevation is 2900 meters. This town is a parochial of Pelileo, but is autonomous in almost everything.

10:00 - Our first stop will be the Museum.

After spending as much time as desired in the museum, you are free to visit the artisan market which is located across the street from the museum.

A short distance up the street you will find the Katitawa Nursery. This is part of the Katitawa Project that includes the Katitawa School and the Rosa Maria Library.

11:30 - Depart for the Katitawa School which is located on a hill just three Km from the center of town. On school days, you will have lunch with the children.

12:45 - Say goodbye to your new friends and depart for Patate, a picturesque town where they are famous for their arapes and chicha de uva.

14:30 - Depart for Baños

15:30 - Arrival... Mas o Menos

Located on the corner of Malthe Danaldo and Oriente
Just one block from the bus station. 

Reservations can be made at most Hostels or Travel Agencies.

Or contact Wonderful Ecuador Tour Operator
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Baños - Ecuador


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