SKY runs a number of projects and activities in the Salasaka community:
  • Afternoon classes for children of the community (Thursday and Friday)
  • English lessons for children and adults (Monday till Wednesday)
  • Helpin english teachers in the morning at the Collegio in the centre of Salasaca

SKY dirige una variedad de proyectos y actividades en la comunidad de Salasaka:
  • Escuela de tarde para niños de la comunidad 
  • Clases privadas de inglés para niños y adultos 
  • Ayudar los professores en el collegio en el centro de Salasaca

Public Schools of Salasaka: Volunteers help with English classes at public schools in Salasaka and its surroundings (mainly mornings, only if we have enough volunteers).

Escuela Katitawa: Volunteers support and help children with their homework in the afternoon (different school subjects). UNFORTUNATELY, THIS PROJECT IS NOT RUNNING AT THE MOMENT, BUT WILL RESUME JANUARY 2018. 
Volunteer house: As we have just moved into a new volunteer house, we are still missing a lot of things. Therefore we are in need of volunteers with craft, building and gardening skills. All help is welcome!!!