Escuela Katitawa runs a number of different projects and activities in the Salasaka community:

1) Afternoon school for children of the community: everyday, from 2:30 to 5 p.m., we teach English, maths and other subjects to the children of the community and we help them with their homework. The aim is to improve the children’s skills and knowledge of the basics subjects and improve their school results. We give them transportation to and from the school as well.

2) Private lessons for children and adults: if someone needs special help, we offer private classes of different subjects: English, Maths and other subjects depending on the demand. These private classes take place everyday at the time agreed with the students.

3) The Rosa Maria library: the library was named after Rosa Maria Masaquiza who was one of the founders of Katitawa School and has donated a lot of books to help get the library started. It is presently located in the community of Manguiwa, which is approximately 3 kilometers from the center of Salasaka. The library complex has become the learning center for the community and is now functioning as the headquarters for all of the projects we are doing in Salasaka. It not only provides the community with access to books but also to the internet. The library is open Monday to Friday, from 9am to 7 p.m (with a break from12am to 2pm).

4) Inti: He is a child with special needs and our student. Everyday he comes in the morning to our library for private lessons. These lessons include learning counting, writing, reading and different exercises to practice walking and his fine motor skill. In the afternoon he comes with us to the afternoon school.

5) Community house: the volunteer house and the community house are located in the same building. Here, there is still a lot construction work going on, which is done by local helpers from the community and us volunteers.

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