A typical day in Salasaka

A normal day in Salasaka begins with the volunteers making breakfast around 7.30am. The classes in the local school begin at 8.20am, usually 3 volunteers look after these classes for around 3 hours. We only have morning classes from Monday to Wednesday. The classes range from first to seventh grade.

Some pictures of volunteers and students during their morning classes

The school is located in the centre of Salasaka, 10 minutes from the volunteer house Pachamama. The average clase size is 25-30 students. We try to speak as much English as possible with the students, an ability to speak Spanish is not completely necessary but it's very helpful to have a few words. Volunteering in Salasaka is also an excellent opportunity to improve your Spanish (and for the more adventurous person you can also learn the indigenous language Kichwa).

After the morning school we return to the house to cook lunch (we generally cook healthy vegetarian meals) and prepare the afternoon classes. The classes run from 3pm to 7pm with each class being one hour long. We try to always have 2 people at a class and usually no one has to teach every class. The afternoon classes take place Monday to Friday. Anyone in the community can come to these English classes, regardless of their age. We teach young children as well as adults.

In the evenings we usually spend some time together in the volunteer house, although sometimes we go out for dinner in Baños which is just 30 min away by bus.

View from the volunteer house

If you don't want to go to the school every day there is also some work to do in the garden and some cleaning in the house. 

We are always happy to welcome new volunteers in Salasaka so feel free to contact us! 

From, the Volunteers