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Volunteer Profile: Zach and Ayn-Marie

Meet Zach and Ayni (“Annie”) Age: Zach, 28; Ayni, 27 Home country: USA
What languages do you speak? English and the tiniest amount of Spanish. We know enough to get by, which in our case means: book a hostel, take a bus, give directions to a taxi driver, and order Salchipapas from the local vendor in Salasaka. You know, the important stuff.
How did you hear about SKY? We found SKY on the internet, specifically We read the recommendations, scoured the website, and filled out our application. A few weeks later, we were here.
Why did you want to volunteer with SKY? Our time in Salasaka is sandwiched between a few weeks of traveling across Ecuador. We thought a volunteering experience would get us off the well-worn backpacker path, and give us some time to sit still during our whirlwind trip through this beautiful country. We also had an interest in teaching English, so it seemed like a near-perfect fit.
How long will be volunteering with SKY? Sadly, only two weeks. W…

Student Profile: Chantal Torres

Meet Chantal Torres

Chantal has been taking English classes at GAD Parroquial, and before that she took classes at the Katitawa school. Her enthusiasm for learning and her fun, energetic personality make her a class favorite among teachers and her fellow students. It’s always a joy to see her smiling face.

We asked Chantal if she’d be willing to share some information about herself, her family, and her love of learning. Here’s what she had to say.

Age: 8

Where are you from? I am from Salasaka.

How long have you been learning English? Three years total. I started at Katitawa and I am taking classes at GAD Parroquial now.

Why do you want to learn English? I like it. It’s very fun and I like to meet the volunteers.

Tell us about your family. I have one older brother and one older sister. My brother is in 10th grade and my sister is in University. My brother is fun. He used to come to the school. So did my sister. And my mother used to come to the school with her friend Mercedes.

What do you enj…