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Tzawar Mishki

The last two months our children class has been practicing the song "Imagine" by John Lennon. This weekend they performed it on the Tzawar Mishki Festival in the center of Salasaka. Our friend and music teacher Luis Miguel played the guitar.
Have a look!

The project "volunteer garden" is started

Food in the volunteer house is very often vegan and always vegetarian. Now we are getting our own garden. Hopefully very soon we are going to have vegetables from our own plantation.


The 2nd of November people of Ecuador celebrate "finados" (the day of the dead). In Salasaka all the families spend this day on the cemetary to honor and remember the deceased. This year for the first time volunteers went to spend the day at Robert's grave.

Volunteers prepared the traditional drink "colada morada" and drank it on the cemetary. It is made out of strawberries, blackberries, tangerine leaves, babaco, and many ingrediants more.

And many of our students came to visit us at Robert's grave.