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It`s A New Beginning, Escuela Katitawa is Alive and Well....Just Different.

We finished the Vacation School in the middle of August and were using the time before the beginning of the new school year to clean, fix, and paint the building and grounds.  Everyone was happy and excited about the start of "Year 19".  We had been advised by the Education Department that everything was going to be the same for the coming year.           

Then….Around noon on the 29th of August, a messenger from the Education Department arrived with an official looking document in his hand, looking for Rufino.  When he found Rufino, Rufino was asked to sign it and away he went.  Here is what was on the document. 

  As of the 31st of August you are no longer the Director of Escuela Katitawa.  You are instructed to give the keys and all the documents to the new director.  (Short form).
Needless to say, the proverbial "Wet Blanket" was thrown over the whole group.  We still came every day to finish the work because the School would start on the next Wednesday, the 7th…