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What´s up with Inti?

In the last weeks many of you have been asking about Inti and his future operation. On the following lines we would finally like to answer your questions.

Since the last post we wrote a lot has changed in his situation. The key part came when we got referrals for a different doctor we decided to consult before taking any important decisions – this time in a municipal hospital, which automatically meant at least two things – it would be cheaper but take longer before the operation can take place. The doctor, albeit young, is a real expert and has been recommended to us by several people – among them the director and therapist from a special school in Ambato where they work with children with the same defect. Upon seeing Inti walk and examining him he pronounced a meaningful “chuta” and went along to explain that his muscles are way too weak for him to undertake such a serious operation right now and that he will definitely need a few months of physiotherapy before getting his legs opera…