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Best Colada Morada in Salasaka

Just across the street from the "Salasakan Drummer", on Saturday and Sunday mornings you will find a small covered area where you can find a wonderful treat.

The best Colada Morada and Empanadas In Salasaka.
In this small tent you

Aw yes...The Katitawa Nursery...Just up the street about 100 meters.  Glad you asked.

We Started Rehearsal For Our Annual Christmas Play. Play Scheduled for Christmas Day.

From now until Christmas Eve we will practice for our annual Christmas play.  Every year it gets better and better.  In just a few week the football pitch will be transformed into the beautiful pueblo of Nazareth in Israel.   Football Pitch Now...Dec. 2, 2015

The parts were handed out and the three weeks of practice begins.

Another Composting Toilet In Use In Salalaka.

We have been using these toilets at Katitawa since 2008 and have saved a considerable amount of potable water.  In addition to saving water we have gained a few tons of beautiful fertilizer. Since we began using this type of toilet, hundreds of people who have visited the school have been interested in how this system works. 
A few months ago we gave one to a family whose grandmother was not comfortable using the inside plumbing but was perfectly happy with one of our composting toilets.
There is a section of Salasaka who do not have access to a sewer system and depend on out-houses.  This week we delivered a brand new model that we made at the nursery.

If the demand increases we may just add this product to the varied things that we will sell.

The Nursery is Open....Finally.


Ñusta's Lair....Litter No. 3

This post is for all of the past volunteers who have been here to see the performances of  Nusta during mating season will, I think, like these pictures.  The mating season for Nusta goes on for weeks...Day and night. At school, at the library and everywhere in between.  When it's her time, she picks a place, any place, and delivers.  In the past the litter has been  easy to find and transport to the school.  This season was different.  

Nusta found a place along the road where she dug out a fairly deep hole under some good size bushes.