Monday, November 23, 2015

Sundays Fundraising Efforts For Inti....Literally stops traffic in Salasaka.

For more than three hours The Queen of Salasaka, Micaela Masaquiza and a group of volunteers stopped traffic in Salasaka Central.

They had posters describing Inti's condition and the operation that would allow him to Walk, Run and even play soccer.  When the results of the examinations were told, we all were amazed that the problem was not with the bones, but with the tendons which keeps him from extending his legs to their full length and around the ankle the tendon will not allow him to extend his foot, making it impossible to walk on the sole of his foot and forcing him to walk on the tips of his toes.  It will take a few months of therapy after the operation before Inti will be able to walk normally.

After more than three hours in the blazing sun...The Queen and her entourage head to the Museum where the money was counted.  The money was counted three times because nobody could remember what the total count was. Thanks to everyone who took part in this Inti Fund Raising Event....The Inti Fund is now $378.71 richer.  

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Last Year We Had A New Student....And his name was Inti.

Inti and his mother

If you were a volunteer at Katitawa over the last 20 months, you will never forget Inti.  His name is the Kitchwa word for Sun and it fits him very well, because most of the time his face is lit up....Well like the Sun.  Even though he is nine years old he is still in Kinder....And his legs are not like the other kids so he can not walk and run like them, but that does not mean he is stationary.  He just takes a little longer.

Each new volunteer who works with Inti, wonders what if anything could be done to make his life a little fuller.  Unfortunately the day he was born, there were several complications and Inti now suffers the serious physical and neurological consequences. This past week a small group of volunteers decided to find out exactly what was possible.   They took him and his mother to a specialist in Ambato. The doctor advised them that there was a medical procedure they could perform that would allow Inti to walk normally in the future....But it would be expensive.

We are planning on taking him to another doctor for a second opinion before starting the procedure.  I do have a contact in Baños who just had a complicated operation in Puyo.  This is also an option.

Last year we took Inti to see a doctor in Baños and she recommended that we take him for a MRI. However we were not able to have that done because of communication problems between the Doctor in Baños and the laboratory in Ambato.

At this point we are going to proceed as follows:  1..Get a second or third opinion.  2..Get a MRI if needed.  3..Get a firm price for the procedure.  4..Schedule the operation.
Several of the volunteers here at the moment have started a "Fund For Inti".  They have already raised more than $500 for the procedure. We have added a Donate Button below if you are interested in being part of this endeavor.