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Group 1's primary teacher is now travelling the rest of the world

After two months at Katitawa Elisa Bianchi has moved on from Katitawa. For the majority of the time she was Group 1's primary teacher but she also helped out with other classes if necessary. Thanks to her good humour and her great relationship with the kids she managed to encourage and motivate them to learn. As a result they all made great progress.

Preschool teacher has moved on

Last week, volunteer Joshua Pearse (Australia) moved on from Katitawa to continue travelling. For the past weeks he was the primary teacher of the preschool. With his help the children made great progress and are now more interested than ever in working and learning. Needless to say that they miss him already. In addition to working in the school all day, Joshua was always there to help with evening classes in the library.

November 11th. Happy Birthday Katitawa School. 17 Years Old Today.

It is hard to believe that two years have gone by since we celebrated the Big Fifteen. It really has snuck up on us, so there was no time to plan a party.  We will however have a cake and tell the story to the kids how this beautiful school came to be.

I know most of you have forgotten the date, but thanks to PayPal, there is still time to send a gift.

I promise to post some pictures of the small party on Tuesday night.


Buy a Brick

We have had a problem with the link to the buy a brick program.   If anyone has been trying to buy a brick....Please try this link.