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Anybody wants to buy a brick?

These are special bricks....reserved for all of our ex-volunteers who have come from around the world to help make the Katitawa Project the success that it is today.
As most of you know, we are trying to finish the second floor of the new community building which will be the new "Volunteer Quarters". On one of the walls in the common area we will have an area that will honour all of the past and present volunteers.
To make this wall unique, we will attach a small plaque with the Name, Country, Date they were here....And a six word comment that they want to leave for the future volunteers who will share the Katitawa experience.
I posted this idea on Facebook on the first of December and as of now we have sold 20 bricks.
So now, I am making the offer to all of our past volunteers of whom you are one.
We would like all of our past volunteers to sign up to be a Brick Holder.  The cost for this amazing opportunity is only $25.

Thanks for being a part of the Katitawa Experience.