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Christmas at Katitawa

Christmas is a very special time at Katitawa. We had a wonderful ceremony lead by Rofino, and the kids had a great time with the nativity play, although we had a few comical moments, the play was great! And of course, we had some amazing people drop off sweets and presents for the children.
Jasmine was our beautiful Christmas princess! Happy New Year Everyone!

Christmas will soon be here!

Katitawa is still going strong, and we have had some wonderful volunteers these last few weeks.Although we are sad to see them leave, we appreciate all the work they do! We even had a couple volunteers from Korea that taught the kids a bit of Taekwondo! The recycling program is going well too, and it's still part of our Friday morning tradition. Right now the kids and volunteers are very busy preparing for the Christmas play, and we are so excited for the performance on Sunday, December 22, at 10:00am. Expect to see lots of great photos soon!

We had a great Birthday!!!

As many of you know, Katitawa just turned 16! And we promised some good photos, so here they are!