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Life Always Gives Us An Opportunity To Help....Part Two.

Back in February 2012, I posted a story about a young boy who fell out of a tree.  The post is here.

After I posted this story, we received almost $200 from our friends to help with the program.

Basically, the idea was to create a small slush fund to help when people of the community need help to buy the medicine needed to enter the hospital for some emergency treatment.

Over the past year and a half we have used that $200 and more,  for people in need.  The fund is now depleated and we just do not have the resourses to contribute more.  That being said, I believe that the program was a good idea....And here is why.
When the new Constitution was passed several years ago, the Government  was required to provide hospital care to all citizens and visitors at no cost.  This was supposed to include all the medicines as well.  However for some reason or other, we have hospitals and doctors but no medicine.  It appears that some hospitals in some areas have lots of meds and in others they d…