Saturday, July 28, 2012


Going Home....Pachamama that is.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Graduation Day 2012

Today we had the traditional Katitawa Salasakan graduation ceremony that to me,is one of the most beautiful events in the school year. The graduates are the center of attention as they are seated in front of the room with one of their parents.

Today we had two girls in the graduating class....Marcia and Jenny. The parents participate in the ceremony by placing the ceremonial shawl over the shoulders and the hat on their head. The graduate then makes a short speech followed by a speech by the mother or father or both. Sometimes an aunt or uncle, sister or brother or even a friend will also make a statement. There are also the usual speeches by the teachers, wishing them well as they move on to the high school.

The transition from a small country school, with only a few students in each class to a classroom with 30 to 40 classmates is sometime scary at first. But most of them adapt quickly and in some cases have excelled.