Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Little Yoga....Makes everybody feel good.



The First Edition Of Parlante Katitawa

During the Vacation Classes we published the first edition of Parlante Katitawa. Since the "parlantes", (loudspeakers mounted on towers and scattered around the pueblo) are the principal way of spreading the local news, we decided, as an option, we would give the community something to read.

Our first edition had three advertisements at $0.50 each. The circulation is 200 and is distributed free of charge. Volume 1 No. 2, will hit the streets on tomorrow, September 19th.

A New Sign At The Entrance

Thanks to Rufino and Juan, we have a new sign....The CECIB is a little hard to pronounce. It means...."Centro Educativo Comunitario Alternativo Intercultural Bilingue". Sorry they left out the A.