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Last Week In Review. June 7th, 2011

Tomorrow is a new week and before it begins I think it would be a good habit to get into, of reviewing the previous. I am going to try to make it a habit. Here goes....

We started out the week with eight volunteers, gained one, lost one, so ended where we started with eight.

Steve Banbury arrived on Thursday. He has been working at a small school in Columbia and will be with us for the next two and a half months. Steve will be working on setting up the corriculum for the vacation classes which will begin the 4th of July at our Katitawa Continuing Education Center and Rosa Maria Library, located in the community of Manguiwa, very close to the Pchamama hostel where the volunteers live.

Pananya Kamkourkong, Penny, for short from Thailand left on Thursday for another volunteer position in Korea. Penny worked with the kindergarten class and as usual the kids loved her.

As we are winding down the school year, we will be suspending the regular class schedule after this week so that we can d…