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Why Katitawa Is Important To The Community

Nestled in the hills, above Salasaca, in the area called Katitawa. there is located a small grade school by the same name. It is here that we transport 16 children and a couple of teachers and, sometimes a volunteer or two, from the different communities in Salasaca. The rest of the children and staff walk, the more or less 3km. It is a beautiful walk and a fantastic way to start a day. The elevation at the school is close to 3,000 meters, (9,000 feet) and for the new volunteers, the first few days will take your breath away and if the altitude doesn’t do it the view will.

Since there are many small schools in Salasaca, some visitors ask,.…Why would someone send their children up here when there is a school a block or two away from where they live? A good question….So at a recent parents meeting, I asked the same question….The answer was, “Because it is different.”

When a group of civic minded citizens started the Escuela Katitawa in 1997, it was described as an Experimental Schoo…

The Story Of Alegre and Pepe.

Natacha, a volunteer from France, came with her brother Yannick, who had volunteered here for a couple of months, two years ago. Like her brother, before her, she came to work and there was nothing that she would not do. One of her passions was working with the preschool kids....Three to six year old.

When Yannick was here in 2009 he started our recycling program. She too was a believer in the project and wanted to get the littlest kids involved. She made up a story of a make-believe person named Alegre and a tree named Pepe. The kids loved it and we continue to tell this story today. Here is her story.

On my home from Katitawa one afternoon I met a magician, who told me about a secret meeting that took place, between all the trees, flowers and all the inhabitants of the forest and Pachamama, (Kichwa for Mother Earth). Everyone at the meeting was complain about feeling ill because of the contamination in the air and soil. The group decided to start with the children of the Katita…
Damien Guillaume pictures.

Why We Need ...Sustaining Members

I became involved in the school in 2006. I had started a small, very small, English school and library in downtown Salasaca, and somehow, Rosa Maria, the director and one of the founders of Escuela Katitawa, located in the hills above Salasaca, heard about our small school and invited me to come and visit. I accepted the invitation and was led there by one of my first Salasacan friends, Jose Masaquiza, a young man who had graduated from there many years before. Rosa Maria showed me the room that she would like to use as an English classroom and all she needed was a teacher. I asked her to send me an invitation and I would be glad find a way to help.

It is amazing how things just come together. At the little English school on main street Salasaca, I had been teaching the two afternoon classes while running a small business in Ambato. I would leave the business around noon and go to Salasaca, returning around five or six.

One day a young lady from Holland calls me and says she would …

In The Beginning

Note: I am going, with the help with all of the people who have been here before me, to tell the story of "Escuela Katitawa. If any of the readers of this blog, past volunteers or founders, have pictures, stories and any other information to contribute please do so. I would like it to be accurate as possible. This story will evolve in bits and pieces....Robert


By Popular Demand

New Options SKY Sustaining Members.
Believe it or not I have been asked to have a system where a person who wanted to subscribe to more than a commitment of $10 could have a choice. So, not being one to argue we now have three plans. BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD, giving you a choice in the amount that you wish to donate on a monthly basis.