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The First Two Weeks Of The 2010/2011 School Year Are Now History.

We opened the school year with a small ceremony attended by a few parents, our three full-time teachers and our 10 volunteers. The students returning from last year were amazed at the changes that were made during the two months of vacation.

One of the biggest surprises that met with 100% approval was the re-make of the English classroom. This year we will use this classroom as a combination, English, Music and Drama room. We removed the bulky combination desk/chairs and replaced them with three tables and plastic stools.

Now we can change the class from English to Drama or Music by stacking the stools and pushing the tables against the wall....Giving plenty of open space.

The symbols that were painted on the ceiling gives an idea of what will be taught in this room through out the day.

The Great Wall Will Not Be Finnished By The Start Of School---But It Will Be Close.