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Merry Christmas to all.

The Christmas program went well. You will love the pictures. Give me another day.

It Has Been A Long Time Since I have Posted.

We have been busy here and the time spent on the Internet has been minimal and on this blog....almost zero. I promise an update on what we are doing here at least twice a week.

We are trying to finish the Andean Cross in the front of the new classrooms by the 21st of the December when we will have the official inauguration of the the construction project that we started in July.

I am having trouble posting the pictures that we took today and hope to have the problem solved tomorrow. Please check in tomorrow.

The room is almost finished!

Well, me and Sam are off today, but we´re really pleased with the progress we´ve made, and we hope you are too. The painting is completely finished, and we´ve bought the lights, which should be up before Christmas! Keep checking back for updates on the room, and for now here is a picture of what we´ve been up to.

The Paint Goes On...

Just another update of the library storage room project! The ceiling is completely finished now, lovely fresh white, and we´ve begun work on painting the walls. Looks really bright and welcoming already, and I´m sure by the time it´s finished (which hopefully will be in the next couple of weeks) it´ll look like a completely different space. Here are some photos of Sam and me getting our hands dirty! Thanks once again to all who have donated, and please keep supporting us so we can get this room completely finished!