Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Day In the Life of Sara

Hiya, I´m Sara and today I´m going to take you with me on one of my favourite days volunteering in Salasaca. We wake up as per tradition to the sound of Robert singing and then walk up to Escuela Katitawa surrounded by the snowy volcanoes, accompanied by Merkin and Blaze, our two homeless dogs cum volunteers.

We spend the morning at the school on “the girl wall” (named due to the contrast between us mosaiccing and the guys pushing wheelbarrows full of massive rocks). Rob does a condor while I manage to put the moon with its back to the sun so Rufino has to inform me it looks like the gods are fighting. While Dan knocks us up an open fire to cook the kids lunch we oblige the endless requests for piggy backs and swing pushing from the cute but tireless nursery kids.

After lunch we head down to the library where I teach 6 awesome 11 year old girls English. They teach me multiple rude words in Quichua and we sing a few of our favourites, number one: heads shoulders knees and toes. They’re awesome company, hysterical, affectionate and mega keen to learn. At the end of class Sisa runs off and brings me back a puppy (impractical maybe but lesson planning done, puppy related vocabulary for the rest of the week).

We head back to the hostel where Fabiola is dancing round the kitchen cooking soup, which is followed by our daily desert, today chocolate crepes courtesy of little Jen and Ed. Later, we sit outside wrapped up in blankets while Chris and Dan jam with the violin. Full and knackered we head to bed, where I proceed to be woken hourly by the pup, to take her out and listen to the chorus of donkeys, twilight barking and finally the roosters crowing.