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Justine Is Almost Finished With The Mural.

When we particioned off the new children's reading room we had a wide passageway that was crying out for a mural....And along came Justine. That's the way it works around here. When we have a need....Someone comes along to fill it.

Justine spent many hous working with the pre-school kids in their room.
This mural was their's.

Day 25....32 to go.

The volunteers are fantastic.

Day 17. Forty More.


Football Pitch Has A New Look.

The pitch is looking more and more like a indoor pitch. Let's see how the kids like it come September.

Next stem....Paint the boards.

Day 15,... 42 Days Until The First Day Of School


Day Nine....49 to go.

Working on the "cadenas"....among other things.

Day Eight....50 to go.

A couple more volunteers arrived over the weekend which pleased Rufino. Work on the "cadenas" starts this afternoon.
Greta, from Scotland prepares the food for the crew.


While walking home from school, about 4PM, I was treated to this unexpected viewing fo Iliniza Sur and Cotopaxi.

Day Four....54 days until completion.

Meanwhile....Julie from Austrailia, is transplanting the plants that were in the way of the new construction.
Julie is leaving tomorrow, so we had a little party at lunch.

Day Three.....55 To go before completion.

The machine arrives....A little late but it's Ok. Wait a minute....It looks like we haave a little problem. One thing about these machines you don't need a jack.
I hope Rufino and the operator find all the parts.
Not to worry....Two hours later it's back in service.

Construction Project Has Started....Right on time.

Saturday we cut down the two eucalyptus trees that stood in the way of progress and today with the help of Criss and Steve from the UK the cement walkway was broken up and we are ready for the skip-loader to remove the earth making way for the new construction to begin.