Saturday, April 25, 2009


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Friday, April 10, 2009

They've Got Rhythm

This past week the kids and volunteers have been busy making musical instruments out of plastic bottles, tin cans and sticks. This morning we had a concert.


I am not sure if it was the music or if they thought the volunteers had suddenly gone mad. The participation was slight as most just stood around and stared.

You can't win them all.

When Friends Leave, It's....Bittersweet

Today was Xavier's and Jacob's time to leave. Luis gives his usual "Thanks for Coming" speech, which he is quite good at even if he does forgets a name once in a while.

We have a comment book that each volunteer is asked to leave a comment about their time here....Jacob, adds his. Jessica always has a smile for the camera, and Alex almost always cries.

A few Additions At The New Quarters For The Volunteers

The stairway from the first to second level was unprotected and since I have a little problem seeing at night, I thought it a good idea to solve this this safety problem before I or any of the volunteers walked of the edge in the middle of the night.

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Before Xavier had to leave he made a good start and next week Rufino will complete the job.

You were a great help Xavier, and I will miss you.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Volunteers, They Come And They Go....But are rarely the same.

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The Katitawa Players Put On their Third Skit....When the bus is full.

On Friday we continued out series of skits put on by the volunteers bring to life our new code in an entertaining way. Scene One: All of the seats are taken on a local bus, and an old man gets on and there is no seat. Finally one of the passengers gets up and gives him a seat. He is followed by a mother with a baby in her arms followed by a pregnant women. Each in turn is given a seat.

At the end of this act, Luis discusses this with the class and even takes it further to include behaviour in the dining room when the larger ones crowd in front of the smaller children.

Scene Two: A woman walks by and falls dropping her purse. Of course some thought the one of the crowd was going to pick it up and run, but instead they helped her up and gave her her purse.
When the skit was finished, Luis had the some of the class take the stage. The bus was full and here was a blind man, played by Santiago and he had traveled the length until Alex, (the driver), stopped the bus and brought another chair and put it next to him so that he could sit down.


The kids had several different scenarios that included even the smaller children. It showed that they understood completely the lesson

Getting Ready To Plant Some Corn.


Additional Classroom Almost Ready In Manguiwa.

We have only been in this building for five months and we have run out of space.
We are moving the volunteer's quaters to a hostal that has been empty for more than a year and is located just a short walk from the Manguiwa Center. The Manguiwa Center will used as the foundation (SKY headquarters which includes the library, computer center, and additional classrooms.

We are remodeling the front classroom to make it more conducive to study. Rob from Austrailia is laying the tile, with the help of Dave from the USA.
Xavier, a carpenter from France is building the partition that will create a hallway into the computer room and a private classroom.