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The Walk To Katitawa....One of those rare days.

Tungurahua....Always beautiful. Chimborazo to the left and Carihuairazo to the right. The morning sun shining on a field of grain.

The Re-make Of The Kitchen

Erika, a volunteer from Florida, suggested that if we made a few improvements in the kitchen it would be a friendlier place to work. She asked for permission to do the job and it was gladlly given. Last year we were able to tile the counters and give the walls a new coat of paint, but that was the it. Now we will finish the job.
The new stove has arrived thanks to a couple of donations that we received. The stove will allow the cook to do her job standing up instead of using the small chairs that are shown above.

Erika gives a few last minute instructions to Jose (who graduated from Katitawa close to eight years ago), and his helper Fabiola.
A beautiful job.

Interesting Project

We have been reading a lot about "Composting Toilets" and have decided to build one as a project for five of the Biology students.

The first one will be put into use at the school and depending on how successful it is we will make five more....One for each of the students.

Here in Salasaca, few homes have inside toilets and a composting toilet could be an inexpensive and interesting "Eco" option.

We would welcome any and all suggestions and experiences.

Vacation School In Progress

Monday will start the third week of the vacation classes. As of Friday we had more than 20 students as each day a few more showed up. Although we announced that after the first week registration would be closed, it is impossible to say "no", when someone new shows up.

Elizabeth's biology class had to be the exception....We had to turn two young girls away on Friday as it was too complicated a course to keep bringing in new students.

I will have some new pictures next week.

New Math Teacher For The Vacation Classes....I see why math became so popular.

Angelica, a university student from Quito, has been here before and is very popular with the BOYS, and girls alike. She will teach a math course before going to the United States to continue here education.
Welcome Back Angelica.

Graduation Day At Katitawa

The program started with the singing of the national anthem in Kichwa.
Today we graduated four boys. Darwin, Walpa, Jefferson and Edison. It will be a big transition for them....leaving a small gamer school in the hills overlooking Salasaca to a high school in either Salasaca or a nearby city. Either way they will be one of several hundred the saying goes, more or less....From big fish to small fish in a much larger pond. They will survive. Our custom here, is for the parent of each graduate to present the diploma. The parents are exceptionally proud of their children and you feel their emotion.

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