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New Walkway To The English Classroom.

It is hare to see from this picture but the walkway to the two classrooms is collapsing. It was built with too little rebar and has broken away from the wall and has split into two sections. It is not dangerours but needs to be redone.When we build the new walkway we will also redo the garden.

Keep watching as we will post pictures of the progress.

Principal Building Is Now Waterproff.

This is the roof is the main building at the school. The flat roof allows water to stand and had caused some problems to the paint on the inside. The plan is for a second story however that may be years away. In the meantime we solved the immediate problem with a good quality, (hopefully), roofing material.

The Vegetable Garden


Volunteers....The Kids Love Them.

One of the big plusses when you give a little of your time here is that you get back a whole lot more then you give.

Combination Soccor, Basketball, Volleyball Court.


An Old Classroom Gets A New Look

This historic classroom, which was built 10 years ago when the school was first opened, had fallen into disrepair when the newer building were built. It was used as a collection room for everything that you didn't want to throw away, but have no use for at the moment. The roof was in such bad shape that whenever it rained everything inside was soaked which made the choice to discard some of the treasures a little easier.
Since it was the second building built on the site more than 10 years ago, raising it was out of the question as it had some nastalgic value if not an historical one. We have plans to renovate in the near future, and by that I mean to make it structurely sound and keep the origial look. We then plan to use it as a workshop.

On careful inspection of the waterlogged contents we found enough roofing material, left over from the construction of the kitchen and dining room to that decided to at least make the roof a little prettier while waiting to get started on the…

Vacation English Classes Started August 9th.

Vacation school English began on July 9th. We really did not know what to expect as to the number of kids who would show up but was very pleased with the turnout.We started out the day with 20 students and before the week was out we had 30. We split them into three groups seperating them by age and ability.
Elizabeth took the most advanced. This group was made up mostly with Katitawa students she had worked with during the school year.
Derek took the youngest.

For the last two weeks Julie took over and added a little dance to the program.
And I took the rest.

On the last day we tried to get the group together for a picture but it was difficult. This is the best that we could do.

Graduation Day, July 5th 2007.

Today was graduation day for five of our students who will go on to high school or colegio as it is called here in Ecuador. Klever and Andres have been students here for six years and Juan and Vinicio have been here for three.The program is short and is attended by Friends and family of the five young men.
Each of the students are presented their diploma by one of his parents.