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I Was Thrilled, I Was Proud And I Am Happy

Yesterday, as I walked the 3KM's to the Katitawa School, which is located in the hills above Salasaca, I was a little preoccupied because I did not know really what to expect for the day.We had an event scheduled to begin at 10:00 AM and when I left the school the night before, nothing was ready. This event had been scheduled for the 21st of June, which in the old Inca calendar, is the Day of the Sun, and still has some significance today. We had been disappointed when we were told that because of the conflicting schedules of the dignitaries from Salasaca and Pelileo we would have to celebrate the day on the 28th. As it turned out it rained almost all day the 21st but was sunny all day on the 28th which for this area is extremely rare.

The plan is to cook a lamb the old way, in a pit lined with stones where a fire is built and when the rocks are at the desired temperature the coals are removed and the meat is stacked in the center and covered with fresh aves or lima beans in thei…