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Katitawa Took The Gold....In my opinion.

The week before Easter vacation we were invited, along with seven other schools to participate in a Nature Fair at the Manzanapamba School, one of the largest in the district. They probably have as many teachers as we have students and a budget many times larger. However big does not always mean better and in my opinion that little school in the hills walked away with the gold in three catogories. Best Presentation, Most Interesting and Best Attended. There were no medals of course, but if there had been we would have taken them all.
Sr. Luis Cholota explains about the plants grown in the area that are used to promote better health to a group of students and visitors in front of our table.Our display had a mock up of out famous Tungurahua Volcano and all of the plants that grow on its skirts. We had booklets made by the students and described in detail to the interested parents as well as students from the eight other schools.Our dirictor Rosa Maria answers question from some of th…