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Katitawa School Gets Electricity....Thanks to Arizona State University.

On the 27th of August 2003, a group from Arizona State University, installed the solar panels and hooked up the system providing the much anticipated electricity to drive the water pump that now provides drinking water to the Katitawa School as well as water for irrigation for the crops that they grow. They also installed a second set of panels that provides lighting and power for their two computers and small appliances.

The project was started a couple of years before when Kathrine J. Lewis had visited the school, saw a need for electricity and as a geology student at ASU, decided to see what she could do to make it a university project. I am trying to contact Ms. Lewis to find more information about the project from her point of view so hopefully I will be editing this post soon.

Below are some pictures that I gleaned from the university website. Click on the pictures to enlarge.
On the morning of the 27th the crew arrives with the solar panels that they will install inside the fenced…